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When is the public boat ramp open?

The public boat ramp is located at 7830 Westfield Landing Road in Medina, OH 44256 (Westfield Township). It is open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, free of charge. The ramp will be closed only when site conditions, such as flooding, warrant.

What hours may I fish the lake?

The lake is open to fishing at all times.


How many parking places are there for trailers in the public ramp?

There are twenty-five parking spots for vehicles with trailers.

How many parking places are there for cars with kayaks, canoes, or other personal watercraft?

There are thirteen car-only spaces.

May I park on the grass?

Parking is not permitted on the grass.

May I leave the trailer in the lot overnight if I am boating/fishing?

Boat trailers may be left in the parking lot while the boat owner is using the lake.

May I leave a boat on a trailer overnight in the parking area?

No. Parking at the ramp is only for use while boating on the lake.

Is the parking lot lighted?

Yes, the park district has installed solar lighting that lights the parking lots, restroom area, and the boat ramp.

Chippewa Lake Depth and Fishing

What are the various depths of the lake?

The areas around the margins of the lake are very shallow. The deepest point on the lake is approximately twenty-four feet. The majority of the lake is between ten and eighteen feet deep.

Is the lake stocked?

The lake has not been stocked. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife is in charge of fish management at the lake. Known fish species include: bluegill sunfish, pumpkinseed sunfish, green sunfish, black crappie, white crappie, largemouth bass, brown bullhead, channel catfish, white perch (non-native), common carp (non-native), white sucker, bowfin, gizzard shad, northern pike, yellow perch, and saugeye (saugeye are the only fish that have been stocked by ODNR). ODNR is responsible for establishing any bag limits or other limitations that may be needed.

What are the fishing limits?

All State of Ohio fishing rules apply to Chippewa Lake. Visit to read fishing regulations. There are no special limits for the lake at this time. A valid fishing license is required for those ages 16 and up.


Is there a limit on boat size and horsepower?

Upon the waters of Chippewa Lake, no vessel shall be propelled by a motor or combination of motors with a total combined horsepower rating in excess of 399 horsepower. The boat size is limited by the ability to launch from the ramp.

Are personal watercraft permitted?

Yes, personal watercraft  are permitted at the lake subject to Ohio watercraft laws.

Can I dock at any of the existing docks along the shore?

All docks on Chippewa Lake are private and may not be used by those visiting the lake on a daily basis.

Can I dock near the Krabill Lodge and go up to the facility and/or picnic tables?

If you are able to find a spot to pull up to the shore, you may use the picnic tables on the shoreline or join an event at the lodge to which you have been invited.

May I fish from the shore near the dock/ramp?

Parking is limited; however, if space is available in the car-only lot, you may fish from the shoreline near the ramp. Fishing from the courtesy dock or within 50 feet of the ramp is not permitted.

Law Enforcement

Is the lake patrolled?

Park police officers have been trained in watercraft enforcement by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft and patrol the lake on a regular basis. In addition, ODNR officers will periodically patrol the lake. Visit to read Ohio boating laws.

Is alcohol allowed on Chippewa Lake?

No. Alcohol is prohibited in open areas of park property, including Chippewa Lake.


Is there a picnic area near the ramp?

No, due to grant restrictions, there are no picnic facilities at the ramp.

Is there a restroom near the ramp?

Yes, there is a vault-style restroom.

Can I reserve any of the ramp area?

We do not take reservations for the ramp area.

Can I swim at the ramp area?

Public swimming is permitted from boats in the boater swim areas only. Swimming is prohibited along shorelines and/or in the middle of the lake. Beaches on the east rise of the lake are restricted for local village residents only.